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The BI Men Network is a worldwide social and support organization for bisexual men, BI-curious males, gay men, and BI couples.We have more than 250,000 members and our network is completely free.We welcome bisexual and bicurious women from all walks of life for frank and honest bi chat and discussion. Or perhaps in a relationship, married and don't know where to start, or if this is even for you ?Maybe you're experiencing feelings towards other women you just can't get your head around ?This site is not pornographic, it's simply a meeting point for likeminded women struggling with their feelings.With over a million topics and posts, and thousands of members, our community is very active and has been online for over seven years. We have plenty of light hearted and fun chill-out areas, as well as chat rooms. It only takes a minute to register and is completely free ! If you landed here looking for bisexual women's erotic movies or similar, you probably aren't going to find any on Shy's.Speaking to Ten Eighty, Melanie Murphy, who identifies as female and bisexual, says that her experience with bi erasure mostly lies with being “assumed straight until I state otherwise and often, when I do, I’m told that I’m either ‘going through a phase’, ‘confused’, or ’jumping on a bandwagon’.

You will be able to ask questions, take part in discussions, post pictures, read about others bi experiences and of course, perhaps meet women in your local area.

“I think bi erasure happens a lot; the problem is its legitimacy is denied by not only people outside of the LGBTQ community, but people inside of it,” he says.

“I think one aspect I don’t like is people are always looking for some form of proof [of bisexuality].” As Courtney-Jai points out in a video with Calum Mc Swiggan, sometimes bisexuality is also seen as a ‘stepping stone’ to coming out as gay.

One thing's for sure, you'll certainly make some friends along the way !

At Shybi we'd like to think you have just found the largest and best free site, completely dedicated to Bisexual and Bi-curious women all over the world.

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