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To Age Verify go to https://ageverification.o2uk (web), or call 61018 (IVR).The WAP age verification service is only accessed if you are blocked when trying to get to 18 websites on your mobile.A: Along with the other UK mobile phone operators, we are committed to protecting children from access to ‘over 18’ rated websites on the internet.Any website classified as an ‘anonymiser website’ cannot be accessed by unverified accounts because of the protection mechanism we have in place.

The customer will receive a text to confirm when their access is unblocked.As a business and as an industry, we believe protecting children using the web via their mobiles matters. Post in the comments if you have further questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them. A: To ensure that children are protected from inappropriate content when using the internet on their phones, we require customers to prove they are over 18 before they can use these sites. A: Over the last few months we’ve been gradually migrating our customer base onto a new age verification platform.We recently posted a parent’s perspective on the issue, which you can read here. Access to 18 rated websites is therefore blocked by default. We’ve completed, which will ensure all our Pay & Go and Pay Monthly customers are protected by the age verification system. Q: Why should O2 dictate which websites customers can use on their phones?Q: Why does O2 block some sites that are suitable for under 18s? Occasionally we do accidentally block sites that should be available to anyone without proving their age.If you find an example of this please let us know, and we’ll do our best to unblock the site quickly.

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