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Discovering new neighbourhoods isn't a 9 to 5 job and after years away, he has a lot to catch up on.When he's not running around the city with a camera, you can find him on the island soaking up the sun or riding the trails along the Don River.

Chris spent half a decade as a political reporter for CBC Winnipeg, but now that he's returned to his hometown of Toronto, he's excitedly sinking his teeth in all sorts of stories."It would cover off all those bases and would force you to sit down and think about how you want to structure your arrangement and then formalize it in an agreement, in which you would be able to look to when those eventualities occur," Blumas said.Crivici, both 26, think they've figured out the perfect plan.A couple hundred people came, mostly looking to buy with friends or family.However, Gaynor imagines herself as a housing matchmaker of sorts, who will eventually help bring together complete strangers. Gaynor has a co-purchasing speed-dating-style night planned for May 4.

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