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The wildlife area home to the lake spans Virginia and North Carolina is a whopping 111,200 acres.Be sure to take the Washington Ditch Trail and snap photos of the cypress trees emerging from Lake Drummond’s dark waters (stained amber by tannic acid). If a barista and a mixologist were to marry, these ruins of an abandoned renaissance faire would be the painfully cool backdrop for their wedding photos amiright?The faire only operated in Fredericksburg from 1996-1999, leaving behind ruins of medieval buildings in an area resembling Sherwood Forest.

The sunsets are outstanding, the seafood is fresh, the streets are narrow, and the way of life is non-asshole.

You might be better served exploring it via a Google image search instead of actually driving there, given the "no trespassing" signs designed to protect you from hunters and tetanus (but hey, your call! The Gothic-looking cemetery doubles as a 135-acre garden with paths for exploring overlooking the James River.

No wonder two presidents (Monroe and Tyler) and six Virginia governors use it as their final resting place.

This land of no Wi-Fi is good for families and technology addicts alike, and is best known for “fairy stones,” which people come to “hunt.” These sought-after pebbles carry a St. In addition to sifting through sand, visitors can swim, boat, hike, and camp.

A meadow of golden wildflowers that stretches out before you like the Yellow Brick Road is a stunner, so what if it surrounds a hospital.

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