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You might again think that women who act like proper “ladies” in public would be turned off by sexy and PIMP talk.Just keep in mind that every woman has two sides to her nature.In public, she doesn’t want to look like a “slut” due to the social pressure and programming placed on her by the culture.However, in the bedroom women want a man who will give her permission to get in touch with her sexual self without being judged.

While you’re having sex with your women, while she’s in that Blissnotic, suggestible state, say to her,..if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded.

Women since early childhood have been taught to sit back, to leave the role of the aggressor to the man, to passively hope that fate or destiny delivers them their prince.

There are aggressive women out there, those that steer their own destinies, those that call the shots in the seduction, but they’re far and few.

I am the only single woman at the incredibly ritzy dinner party, and I’ve decided to steal the most gorgeous man from his wife and fuck him.

I walk around the house for a while, imagining the scene and the guests, walking very sexy, and finally spotting my prey. We’re seated at dinner, and I’m across from my man.

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