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They are also required to report the names and ages of children with whom they live or have regular contact. If you feel pressured to have sex, or if you’re not sure, you can say no. If they physically try to have sex with you without your agreement, they may be committing a crime.Registered sex offenders are also prevented from engaging in child-related employment. If you are thinking about having sex, you need to be aware of the risks that are involved which include getting a sexually transmissible infection (STI) like chlamydia and blood borne viruses like HIV. For information about how you can protect yourself against the risks of unsafe sex, contact Family Planning Western Australia or visit their website (see contacts below).He looked older than in his booking photo with pale skin and close cropped brown hair.'Over a year ago Mr.Kost was publicly accused of being a serial rapist.Attorneys for a 19-year-old accused of sexually assaulting several girls at his former high school say there is a 'treasure trove' of evidence proving the girls lied about the abuse, but the lawyers want further access to Facebook accounts to prove it.

The age of consent is the age at which the law says you can agree (consent) to have sex.Once you turn 16 another person who has also turned 16 can have sex with you if you both agree to it.However, until you are 18 years old it is illegal for a person in a position of care or authority to have sex with you.The prosecution handed over 98,000 pages of social media records from several of the alleged victims, but Defense Attorney Michael Alarid said he needs the communications of at least 8 other people to determine how far the plot spreads.The court documents reveal a group Facebook chat where three of the accusers and three witnesses made plans to 'teach a lesson' to Kost and referred to the movie 'John Tucker Must Die,' where ex-girlfriends take revenge on a former boyfriend.

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