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And, happily for both parents and teens, no one's diary will be read in the process.

So it doesn't matter if parents value delaying sex until marriage, or until after high school, or until there is a committed and loving relationship in place . And although there has been a decline in sexual activity among teens under 15, nearly one-third of ninth graders are still having sex. 32.8% of 9th graders have had sex.44.1% of 10th graders have had sex.53.2% of 11th graders have had sex.61.6% of 12th graders have had sex.—CDC, 2003Sexually active teens (much like sexually active adults) tend to fall into one of three camps: 1) Those who have sex once and then wait a long time—sometimes years—before they do it again.Teens Want to Close the Communication Gap As I was starting research for this book, I sent an e-mail to teens saying, "Listen, I know it can be hard to talk about sex, so if you tell me your secret thoughts, feelings, and actions, I'll share your words in a book, to help adults understand where you're coming from and how best to help you."You might think teens would say, "No thanks!I'll keep my most intimate thoughts to myself if it's all the same to you." It is, after all, the rare teen (dare I say, no teen) who wants to break the news about what they're up to sexually to their own parents.So even though the bad news about teens is often the loudest, it's not the only news to pay attention to.Nationwide, just under half of all teenagers—46.7 percent—are sexually active, and in my conversations with teens over the past decade I have definitely noticed a culture shift from many teens telling me they feel it's "totally embarrassing" to be a virgin to a growing group of teens who are virgins and proud of it."I don't think it's cool to have sex""I go to a big suburban all-boys high school. I'm into sports and hanging out with friends, at the movies and the mall."I think virginity is pretty important, but I know a lot of people who have already lost their virginity when they were in 8th grade.

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