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As that started to trickle out into the mainstream…all of a sudden, it's not just something spread as word-of-mouth by 18- to 25-year-old video game nerds; it's hit mainstream consciousness.Thanks to countless scenes in movies and television shows, the term “house party” often conjures up images of wild, loud teenagers partying hard at some popular kid’s home while his or her parents are away for the weekend.But for millions of Generation Z (Gen Z, or Post-Millennials) teens, those born anywhere from the mid-1990s to the early-2000s, Houseparty is simply the name of their favorite video chat app.We began to see anonymity not just as an aspect or feature, but as a thing, as a principle, as an idea that we are one, we are a collective, we are Anonymous.People then came to the site who not only saw Anonymous as a principle, but started to exploit anonymity as a new platform where they could be rebellious and no one knew who they were.In 2008 they spread a rumor that Steve Jobs had a heart attack, and the shares of Apple dropped .

He said that if you have nothing to hide, what's the big deal?

Even prestigious magazine Forbes has said this new Israeli app is winning over Generation Z, in an article titled “Move Over, Snapchat.”Houseparty, created by Israeli startup company Life on Air, allows users to quickly jump into “parties” of up to eight people simultaneously, creating drop-in-drop-out style video chats among any friends who are online at the same time.

The idea behind the app is to create a virtual space where you can hang out with your friends—a “house party” – where everyone you know is invited.

Why would you be concerned about putting all this stuff on your profile?

Well, I'm not a zealot and people like what Facebook is doing. They both offer powerful utilities for different needs. But it also needs the anonymous, ephemeral, open 4chan. There is a set of codified rules and we do enforce them: don't break the law or post anything illegal.

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