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Reynald Jean Daniel Lauchaire Judy Liu Pat Longman Avram Ludwig Lyon & Lyon Catering Mayor Raul L.

All of these hotels are owned and managed by non-Tanzanians.

There are also a small number of locally-owned hotels, which cater to Tanzanian visitors to the island (such as visiting government servants) and occasional western back-packers who cannot afford the prices of the hotels in Utende.

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Skull & Bones Graveyard @ Redcross Way, Southwark16. Boris Becker's Sex Cupboard @ Nobu Restaurant, 19 Old Park Lane, London18. The Cleveland Street Sex Scandal @ 19 Cleveland Street, London27.Harris's List: Mrs Williams @ 17 Pitt Street, Kensington, London32.Trafalgar Studio's @ 14 Whitehall, City of Westminster33.These include the New Lizu in Kilindoni and Kilimani Hotel (formerly Sunset View) at Kilimani on Chole Island (email: [email protected]).While tourism may appear an attractive solution to problems of poverty and underdevelopment, it may also carry considerable costs: If most of the requirements of tourists are imported from outside the area (or even the country), little or no locally- produced items are purchased, and the only jobs offered are menial ones as gardeners or watchmen, there is little benefit to the local economy.

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It appears to exist outside of time: 'thirty years' or 'a hundred years' behind Zanzibar, or else 'timeless' and 'sleepy' with 'traditional ways of life barely touched by the outside world'.

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