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“This is the reason why South African married men die and leave their wives a lot these days,” the 58-year-old man added.

That is also why when Ylva-Maria Thompson opened the world’s first international sex school recently to teach its students how to be better lovers the school it was challenged by some conservative communities looking at it as a centre to promote promiscuity.Pope John Paul II himself, in his fine 1981 apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio on the Christian family, while re-affirming that “sex education . Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ People for Peace in Africa Tel 254-7350-14559/ 254-722-623-578 E-mail [email protected] world is the greatest heritage That this generation can give to the generations To come- All of us have a role.– – – – – – – – – – – Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series ‘African City’ (‘Sex …That is why most of African communities from time to time believe that God may punish the wider society or give warnings through calamities, epidemics, drought, war, and famine, if moral order is severely broken.That is also why for most Africans the home and the community instill moral teaching, generally from the older to the younger members, through word and example and not in class or public.

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