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Offenders that want to move outside that jurisdiction must obtain permission prior to moving and may be denied residency.More often than not, offenders chose to live where their family or friends reside, where they are close to work or have easy access to it, or where they can find affordable housing.Any sex offender released from prison before 1997 is not subject to community notification.To search for Level III sex offenders in the State of Minnesota, see the Minnesota Department of Corrections Level 3 Predatory Offender Information website.ZIP codes 7709 are among the suburban ZIP codes with many offenders.They are in the area between the Beltway and Grand Parkway.

Once they are released from prison, they are free to live wherever they choose.

"I get calls from concerned citizens, 'Hey, this guy is living on my street and it is right down from an elementary school.' I have to explain to them that by law he's allowed to live there."Some states have bans on sex offenders living within a certain distance of a school, but there is no state law in Texas.

That means unless a probation officer tells a sex offender he can't be near a school, sex offenders can live anywhere in most cities.

HOUSTON - The ZIP codes with the most sex offenders are 77078, 7706 in northeast Houston, according a Channel 2 Investigates review of registered sex offender data.

Hundreds of sex offenders live in each."I'm not surprised," said Sex Offender Compliance Sgt. "A lot of it has to do with cheap housing and no one bothers them when they live in that area."Channel 2 also found ZIP codes in suburban areas with nearly a hundred offenders in each.

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