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The first issue sold out its print run of 350,000 in a single morning, and the following month saw sales of 450,000.

Timing and content were perfect: the magazine spoke confidently to a generation of young women who weren't quite sure what we wanted – I was one of them, eagerly waiting for the next issue – but knew we were nothing like our mothers' generation.

In Tunisia and Egypt, women formed common cause with male protesters when the aim was to get rid of tyrannical regimes, but in both countries fault lines have started to emerge.

The women's demonstration in Tahrir Square follows similar protests in Tunis, where women have complained that they aren't properly represented in the new governments and fear the influence of Islamists on their secular country.

Women demanding gender equality and an end to sexual harassment were attacked in Tahrir Square by angry men who trampled their banners underfoot.

"Not now," they shouted, telling the women to go home.

But in an extraordinary accident of timing – and, presumably, with much holding of breath – Cosmopolitan will go on sale in half-a-dozen Middle Eastern countries next month.

The demonstrations are a reminder of the huge numbers of women who've taken part in a wave of popular protest in Africa and the Middle East, but also of the deep divisions in the aspirations of men and women that exist not far below the surface.Regimes have been overthrown, towns have been seized from dictators and repressive regimes have reacted with escalating violence.In the midst of such tumult, it might not seem the ideal moment to launch a Middle East edition of one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of Western sexual freedom.If the Middle East seems a potentially tricky market, especially in the light of unfolding events, it's worth recording that Cosmopolitan has long been an international brand, launching its 61st edition in Mongolia last year.The deciding factor, I suspect, isn't a mission to sell Western ideas about sex and fashion, but the publisher's judgement that there's a sufficiently large middle class with similar aspirations to women in Europe and the US.

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