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Data analysts at Travelstart concede the survey results might be skewed a little but they put this down to men ‘fibbing’ about their sexual conquests at 30 000 feet, and on the other hand, women not being as forthcoming as their male counterparts about their amorousness in the sky.

The research also revealed the South African provinces home to the passengers least likely to strike up a romance while travelling.

The za survey comes at a time when some airlines are actively encouraging passengers to strike up an aerial romance. offers keen Casanova’s the chance to book a Mile High Club flight in a “private curtained aircraft” complete with champagne, chocolate and one very discreet pilot.

Virgin America’s latest “Get Lucky at 50 000 Feet” campaign is a stark example of airlines actively promoting onboard rendezvous (Sir Richard Branson’s carrier has gone as far as to introduce a seat-to-seat message delivery feature to get passengers chatting and flirting), while another company in the U. Whether or not we see a campaign of this nature from the likes of Mango and Kulula in the near future is still ‘up in the air’.

I am sure even those are a staple, and probably welcomed, if they follow the strict rules of the club – no touching and being respectful to the workers. After two songs, she promptly pulls up her panties, puts the R300 to R400 cash in her wallet and saunters off to another table. This would be the ideal time for them to slip me a tiny piece of paper in the stalls, urging me to save them from their “misery”, ”personal violation” and “sexual exploitation”, to phone their embassy and arrange a rescue raid. And like Powell my impressions are so far shaped by only by one visit. He tells me how important it is for the club to stay clean, within the law, and on the straight and narrow. Dancer earnings range between R30,000 - R90,000 a month after expenses.

Seven hipsters in the booth behind us (five of them women) request a lap dance. We sit through more strip acts capitalising on a range of pet male fantasies. I wait with 007-like bated breath for a scribbled cry for help or an anxious wink, but only see dancers powdering their noses, chatting up a storm in various dialects, making small talk with some of the female patrons waiting for the loo, and talking on cellphones. Neither my boyfriend nor I could ferret out any sex slaves or deeply unhappy “girls”. Mavericks’ profile brings many SAPS and Home Affairs officers to the premises. I ask about the suspicious on-site accommodation provided (Ms Powell describes it as a “security compound”). He says the dancers are welcome to stay wherever they want. With voices high in irritation, they describe the advantages of the job.

Her article and the flurry of irate responses to it call for some reflection. Strip clubs aren’t my particular area, but after Emma’s article I thought I should investigate this too.3 June 2013, Cape Town -- Once the ‘holy grail’ of frisky airline passengers the world over, it seems more South Africans are cottoning on to the idea of the “Mile High Club” according to a recent survey by Travelstart.The results of the survey reveal the latest trends in airborne romantic encounters and are surprising.One contributing factor is that the flight route between Johannesburg and Cape Town is now one of the ten busiest in the world.This could mean an increase in the number of ‘flings’ experienced by single passengers travelling for business.

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