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Beckett takes the girl's jacket and bag as she leaves, and begins to do the physical digging in the elevator.Sara's cellphone, however, is missing, but the bag contains her Georgia driving license, a fact which somehow crystallizes for Castle 'the call' Beckett has to make, and the wrench it must be.Sara's boyfriend is named as Brent, but with no further details, beyond being 'ex' for a month.Sara's parents aren't on the Petersons' contact list, and they live in Atlanta.Since the stairs must have been used, the detectives plan to run the names of maintenance workers on duty (three) although Castle feels all the neighbors should be checked, as they make better murderers, from a narrative standpoint.He begins to weave the tale of 'the guy in 8-B', unassuming, pleasant enough, keeps to himself, until this beautiful young girl passes through his orbit.The departmental lawyer whose unenviable task it is to try to get Castle to treat this with appropriate seriousness suggests that Castle should refer the document to his own lawyer before signing.The gist of the response ("Where would be the fun in that?

The warm sigh of the dryer draws his attention, and he reverently places the body inside, a smile on his lips as he realizes that he does, in fact, have a quarter on him, and he starts the spin cycle which buys him time to use his skills - and disappear.Then once he is done checking it or whatever, he will finally make his own lunch for work. I used to mow the yard once a year, if he needed me too. Our kids, ask for help for something, and he tells them "just a minute" then totally forgets about them. It's to the point that I cry myself to sleep at night.Not sure how much he is on it at work, since he is a driver, I would hope not much at all. It's frustrating because I do ALL the house chores, laundry, dishes, cook meals, clean house, grocery shop, everything. Or they will be playing outside with neighbors and I'm out front watching. Once in awhile I will fight with him about it, and he snaps back at me saying that I am always on my phone. My biggest eye opener was when we were on vacation, we went out to eat and we were all done eating.Claudia Peterson, answering the door, was clearly expecting, though understandably not looking forward to, the upcoming conversation.Having been unable to break the news to their son, the Petersons close the door to his room before giving their accounts.

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Things start with a 'girl power' ringtone under a bed, and drop through the building to the basement, where's someone's just finishing a spin cycle - as part of the load.

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