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For information about gender identity, nicknames were coded as masculine if they contained male names and/or masculine stereotypes or personas (e.g., - RAYMONI8, Vikingdude123); nicknames were coded as feminine if they contained female names and/or feminine stereotypes or personas (e.g., - Mandi CS12, Americangal).

Nicknames that did not present a gendered identity were coded as gender neutral (e.g., soccerlover, Spoiledbrat).

Monitored chatrooms are provided by an Internet service that requires a subscription fee and provides an adult host; in the teen chat rooms an adult monitor or “host” moves from chat room to chat room reminding users about the rules (e.g., no swear words, no giving out identity information, etc), kicking out users who violate the rules, etc.

Because of the medium’s affordances however, we sometimes see these “old” behaviors in new intensities.

I start by looking at one online forum, chat rooms.

Chat rooms are disembodied in that information about bodies is not readily available; also missing are face-to-face cues such as gesture and eye gaze (Greenfield & Subrahmanyam, 2003).

There are many compelling reasons to study Internet use among young people. children between 12 and 17 are online and approximately 11 million of them access the Internet every day (Lenhart, Madden, & Hitlin, 2005).

More than any other demographic group, today’s youth have embraced the Internet and other digital technologies. Marketing research suggests that youth spending on data services represents almost 50 percent of all mobile spending in most mature markets Not only are youth, the early adopters of most new technologies, they are also among the more sophisticated users of it as well.

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