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One can fornicate premaritally or extramaritally, but not intramaritally.

Here’s the band, Liam, Keith and Maxim, chatting about the early days of warehouse raves, playing in Labyrinth, listening to hip hop, and whether Mr C is a prick or not. Most of it wasn’t there I see it and I’m like, where the fuck is this?

Last month I interviewed the Prodigy for The Guardian.

As with all newspaper features, I had to condense 2 hours of chat into a narrative that would make as much sense to a student in South London as it would to a retired teacher in Hull.

As is the nature of these things, I had to chose what to prioritise and what to leave out. There’s a whole generation of things out there that I just don’t get... To give Essex it’s due, the whole rave scene was generated in – the shit we were into - all from Essex into East London, through us, through the whole A13 area, Raindance, Telepathy, that was the shit right there –that’s what built the Prodigy, that’s the roots of the bands.

The thing is, I was there to talk to the band about their latest album, which was cool, but I also really wanted to talk about , and the early 90s rave scene. And when you see the cover of the album, you’ll see little references inside to Essex, we’re proud, this is the old skool Essex.

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