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Just like Google has a monopoly on search, the US government has a near monopoly on mass surveillance.Even without US government pressure, most US tech companies also have to slowly chip away at digital privacy.It means that US tech companies that serve billions of users around the world can now be forced to act as extensions of the US surveillance apparatus. As was reported earlier, Yahoo did not fight the secret directive because Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and the Yahoo legal team did not believe that they could successfully resist the directive. If it was possible to fight the directive, Yahoo certainly would have done so since they previously fought against .

Without alternatives to the US tech giants, the rest of the world has no choice but to consent to this.Google and Microsoft have come out to deny they participated in US government mandated mass surveillance, but under a National Security Letter (NSL) gag order, Google and Microsoft would have no choice but to deny the allegations or risk breaking US law (our analysis of Yahoo’s denial is at the bottom of this post).Again ,there is no conceivable reason US intelligence would target Yahoo but ignore Gmail, so we must consider this to be the most probable scenario, particularly since gag orders have become the norm rather than the exception.Their importance means that for the good of all citizens, we need to develop private alternatives that are aligned with users, and free from corporate greed and government overreach.like Proton Mail are rising to the challenge, but we need more support from the global community to successfully take on better funded US tech giants.

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