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"If someone eavesdropped or bugged the line, all they would hear is the screechy noise" -- the one you hear when connecting to the Internet by dial-up modem, Miliefsky said.

A big risk enters when you can't be certain the intended recipient is the only one who will see the fax.

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Encrypted email Risk level: low Though unsecured email is one of the worst ways to transmit sensitive information, you can eliminate a lot of risk by adding email encryption technology. Any mail plug-in that utilizes PGP (which stands for Pretty Good Privacy) will add a level of security by scrambling the information in transit until your intended recipient unlocks it with a security key.

"The designers of email didn't intend for it to provide confidentiality," said John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru, an email privacy company.

"It's kind of like sending a postcard, put on the side of a mail truck, as opposed to sending a (sealed) letter," said Will Ackerly, co-founder of Virtru and a former NSA Internet security architect.

If sending sensitive information, consider using a document storage site such as Dropbox, or, which allows you to send confidential information that self-destructs.

The catch involved in using these sites again is "weak endpoints," said Miliefsky, which means you can be on the most secure site over a secure Internet connection and still have someone literally watching your keystrokes via spyware. Keep your malware protection up to date, and stay vigilant.

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