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Why would a nudist dating site have so many penis-focused images (which is filled with sexual undertones) while mainstream textile site will have more “real” / “conservative” images?

Are nudists who are looking to draw attention to their profile are reverting to Alpha Male Ape like behavior? Do they really believe that by showcasing their penis, women will flock to their profiles like moths to a flame?

The second season, which was filmed in the Philippines, was re-titled Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps, and premiered on July 22, 2015, Allison Davis wrote that the show "push[es] the boundaries of courtship and creatively expand[s] the list of activities you can do in the nude," but also criticized the show's pool scenes for being too revealing.

In August 2014, Jessie Nizewitz, a contestant on the third episode of Season 1, which aired on July 31, 2014, filed a lawsuit against Viacom, as well as Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment for million, after they broadcast an uncensored shot of her crotch.

The first season was filmed on an island in Panama.The nudist sites are inundated with pictures of men and they tend to be focused on their penis.In addition, many of the women’s profiles can be found sporting images of women in sexual poses as well as the obvious “fake” images.Those images attempt to convey something fun, interesting or just a damn good photo that they feel will raise the chances that they someone will click on their profile and hopefully contact them.Flash back to the nudist dating site where many of the images tell quite a different story.

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