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She said: ‘I was 14 years old when I went to find po rn on the internet.It was out of curiosity and it was just a simple Google search for me to get hold of an ad ult movie. But gradually over time, that shock becomes excitement and I would use any po rn that I could get my hands on.’ Her habit started to become a worrying obsession by age 16 when she began watching ad ult movies as often as she could.‘There are some artists that just sing about s ex and it’s best to avoid that, I also try to avoid inappropriate programmes on TV late at night.’ As part of her recovery process, she posted a You Tube video in February 2014 in which she revealed her po rn addiction to the world.The response from viewers was overwhelmingly positive.But Oghosa used to hide a dark secret: she was addicted to online po rn ogr aphy.It was an addiction that first kicked in when she was just 14 years old and sneaked a look at online po rn on her computer.‘The simplest things could set me off such as a girl unbuttoning her blouse or a boy taking his top off. ‘I would sit in my room alone for hours, with the lights off, watching po rn.

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