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So part of it starts with these ideas of Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, Pat Buchanan, that have been around since the end of the Cold War, really.

How central is that to their message and to what they believe in? So, a lot of them kind of wave the banner of the men’s rights movement.Ron Paul’s campaign seeded some of this, but it really grew under the presidency of Barack Obama. This is, I think, what’s worrying for a lot of progressives and a lot of people on the right, fairly young people, under 25, under 30, who have only known the Republican Party as a disappointment.And they have gravitated to these ideas which are very anti-immigrant, very anti-intervention.MATTHEW CONTINETTI: I think it’s one more sign that conservatism as we understand it is coming under great strain during the era of Trump.And so you have all of these criticisms of the mainstream conservatism represented by William F. All these critics now feel empowered with the rise of Donald Trump. Bush administration, with the Republicans in Congress, with the editors of National Review, of The Weekly Standard now says, Trump is our guy.

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