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Of her return to playing a good Puritan woman, Ronan laughs.“I was waiting for the right Irish character to come along,” she says of Eilis, her first.I had no name for what was wrong.” “Then I went to Barcelona on my own when I was twenty,” he continues, “and stayed for three years. I could meet them, but I couldn’t know who they were because I had no context for people.So that happened twice, but the big one that gave rise to the book was going to teach in Austin, Texas.“I can do this quite easily,” he almost boasts, looking at his hands, “what I’m doing today, and then go back to the middle of a novel and settle down again quite happily. “Well, it’s almost part of the job in a sense,” he offers with a shrug.It’s a really odd sort of skill to me where you need to be silent and solitary and happy with your own company and also concentrating fiercely, then a week later you need to be really social and drinking wine.” He peeks up from his hands. “I don’t want to be that awful creep that says, ‘Oh, well, I’m the novelist and I’m going to bed.’” He then mentions the prior evening’s debauch with the director, adapter, and producer of “Brooklyn,” employing what instantly becomes a favorite euphemism for whatever one can get up to on a press tour: “We sat up all last night.” I again express surprise and Tóibín shifts uncomfortably.Eventually I got to read the script and it was really interesting because I’d done a few films that have been adapted from books and I’d never really read the book beforehand.I always wanted to focus on the script.” Ronan is, of course, referring to breakout roles in the adaptations of Ian Mc Ewan’s 2001 novel, .

And of course it is, but I was still in that state when we did the film and it was such an incredibly vulnerable place to be in.” And it’s maybe a place she’s revisiting now as she searches for New York digs and prepares for the most-anticipated Broadway debut of the spring season playing the young woman who sparked the Salem Witch Trials in Ivo van Hove’s adaptation of Arthur Miller’s .“I remember reading the script and loving it,” she continues of “Brooklyn.” “I was about eighteen, nearly nineteen, and I was thinking about moving away and making that big sort of step.” The Bronx-born, Irish actress picked up her brogue when her family moved back to Ireland’s County Carlow for her formative years, but the “big sort of step” she mentions is the move into her own London apartment during the year-long limbo between the casting and production of “Brooklyn.” “In that time,” Ronan marvels, “I had the movie.” As opposed to reading it on the page, she felt intensely the feelings of homesickness of her character, an Irish immigrant who makes the trans-Atlantic crossing in the 1950s for a new life in Brooklyn.“When I went back to the script again,” Ronan remembers of pre-production, “I felt like everything between Colm’s writing and Nick’s amazing screenplay really hit me on a completely different level.And then Nick, this fella from England, was able to capture our spirit so perfectly, right?I felt like everyone involved understood us and the magic of the Irish.” Weeks later, august writer Colm (pronounced CULL-um) Tóibín seems to cue off that phrase “the magic of the Irish” as he lumbers over to an outdoor table on the patio of Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel.

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