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While company officials declined to give precise revenue numbers, they did say the annual income of the company has not dropped considerably since the 1990s, with the exception of a period during the housing crisis."It's an extremely competitive business," said Holly Smith, Jet Doll's chief operating officer.After keeping the charge a constant per minute for more than 30 years, the company raised it to .98 per minute roughly two years ago, to help it pay for online ads and the late-night commercial spots.The demographic breakdown of users is fairly widespread, but the average caller is about 40 years old, Grainger said.At Daily Chat Line, we like to treat our callers that are new. We want our associates that are new to see full service, so that your chat line numbers free trial allows you access to any or all kinds, together with the live chat.

The company claims to have some 500,000 clients — though officials won't specify the number of calls per month or the number of active clients.

We are going to automatically add the phone number and 30 free chat minutes you're calling from, so ensure you are on the phone you wish to work with. If you would like to give phone chat dating a try, then dial our free chat line 877-934-5911 with a free trial so you can test the features of the service and make sure that it is perfect for you.

You're immediately ready to jump in and attempt over 100 free chat line numbers after the minutes are added. Call today and enjoy the most real and also the very best dating encounter in 2016! Your greeting introduces you to other callers, so don't be bashful!

Some users pay significantly more, opting for the - per minute rate to speak with a person in the Jet Doll offices.

Jet Doll is hardly alone in the world of phone sex.

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