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"~Jlni~Fa Ty,~Mnlo'r eovfronihe Dtai quality' q)9elailit tee the Idaho Depaitment of Health ■od Welfare tald SAttnrd By chemicals qi Uled ~ Into the Snake Rtver In Easton Idaho may have - cool amlhat td Hahaaf M-KRithaa Twla Falls. Falls, dlctl'Tliiirstlay nl Maple Vajliiy Memorial " Elospll;il. Juqb S have coo* tohiliuted w«Ut from Rocburg to Twin Falls, health o OIclali fear.. FUh and wildlife along the Snake River may become contaminated by tbe pesticides In the watd'aod could pass on d^jierous doses of the chemicals to anyone who eats a contaminated blrdorflsh B'les Jdng co Rtatner~is~tirged~ _jot_to, attempt to. Periy said a small amount eiposed to the akin would be aufflelent to cause serious Illness or deaui. (UIMi -*tlitf Rcpulillifim - National Conventlonopons Monda'v,'ith"nelihcr~ President Ford nor Ronald Rca Ran asuiurcd of a moliwjb LPUh e2.gadclp«ilg« needed to win the presidential nomination on tlic first Imilul. l IPI's Ford li.-id 1.123 llrst liallol votvs - Jiisl seven ;hort Tinijp Tiumtwr Ti DPfl['ci-ir Ripi Ti'tinrli:ti:! —and— Mrs: ' ' Goodlnff County i S^rrif Li-Peters^ — ; ' - TW! died Friday moming.'nl' bcr home ■flttc Lajhoil JUiiess- upe "^.v nagic Vallpy Mpniorlnl ^^^^aync— Moi sc g . 1877, In Holland, he married Johannnh Klu m Ec ntpcc.

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