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When the chicks are 10 days old, they are already mobile and eat 1-3 lbs. But it won't be long before the chick begins venturing forth more and more in the days ahead, while still returning to the nest to eat.As for the parents, the adult female will be the first to begin her migration, sometime in the next few weeks probably.Once eggs are laid (typically 1-3), the osprey take turns incubating the eggs.The family diet is 99% fish, supplemented with other reptiles and crustaceans.Poulsbo Police Chief Al Townsend estimates it would take their small office two years just to review the body camera footage they have – much less edit them to protect the privacy of the people in the videos.He also fears blanket requests could make money out of citizens’ private misery.We’re dealing with people with mental illness, people who might be involved in a domestic violence incident.

People mistakenly believe that the parents will do something to encourage flight, or will in some way teach them to fly but this is incorrect.“I learned more about You Tube in the last month than I ever cared to, but I understand that you can be paid for these videos at some point in time if you draw enough interest to them.But what other real purpose is there of putting peoples’ lives [online]?Both sides agree there are privacy concerns that have yet to be dealt with in requesting these videos.While Poulsbo Police Chief Al Townsend plans to lobby the Legislature to restrict the breadth of what citizens can request, the man says he’ll continue to ask for every scrap of information he can get.

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He says he’s willing to work with police and cut a deal with Spokane police to have officers with body cameras choose a few videos to share that represent their work.

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