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So 'strap in' and find out just what pegging is all about, and why men are opening up to new experiences.

We're joined by sex therapist and relationships counselor Giverny Lewis.

Endo affects around one in ten women, but it is so often misdiagnosed.

Women go on for an average of eight years with crippling pain not knowing they have the disease, which can have a detrimental effect on their lives.

Whether you're taking a self-imposed break from sex and/or masturbation, doing it for religious reasons, or it's not your choice at all, abstinence is a bit more common than you might think.

We speak to sex therapist Lynda Carlyle on why people go abstinent, and how you can manage it.

We're joined by Kathy Mc Namee from Family Planning Victoria and psychologist Gemma Cribb.

We speak to Dr Brad Mc Kay to talk about the effects of anti-depressant medications on our sex lives. After we received an email from a bisexual woman asking for help on what to do and what the risks are in terms of STIs, we decided to dive in and take a look at how to do a bit of lady lovin'.We look at what it might be like to find out your donor conceived, find your donor or even find the many half-brothers and sisters that might be out there.We're joined by gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr Anne Poliness, psychologist Ian Trevellion and person of donor conception, Chloe Allworthy.Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackson are some of the biggest names in gay porn.They also happen to be in a serious long term relationship.

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