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Then last week the wannabe pop star - real name Alisha Hessler - from Tampa, Florida broke her silence to insist she's not a hoaxer, defiantly claiming: 'I know my breasts are real and I do not care what anybody thinks.' Scrutinized: Many commentators have claimed the third breast is a wearable prosthetic, especially as Tridevil once reported a '3 breast prosthesis' stolen when her bags went missing at Tampa Airport in 2014After Hessler's story broke last year many commentators claimed the third breast was a wearable prosthetic - especially as she reported a 'three breast prosthesis' stolen when her bags went missing at Tampa Airport in 2014.

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The older layout was very basic, but that did not matter to me, as the selection of girls was always awesome, and the video quality was good as well.

They had options to make the video double size, and even full screen - which was what I was mainly looking at anyway.

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In October 2012, Xbiz reported that Live Jasmine made a major overhaul of it’s home page, and how it’s web portal would be displayed.

So I checked it out, and it sure is different than it was before.

This live video network is very popular all over the world, and sometimes when you click on a name or girls’ pictures, they will already have whisked away into a private paid room before you even get a chance to chat with them.

When the girls go to private one on one chat, their video feed may be unavailable for a time.

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