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German political figures and newspapers have accused Iran of prolonging Mr Hofer's detention in an attempt to win the release of two Iranians held in Germany, whom German officials believe are Iranian agents.

Recent investigations into the Rochdale child grooming case, in which all but one of the convicted men were found to be British Pakistanis, once again highlighted the need for Muslims to talk more openly about sex.

It's no wonder then that I grew up completely ignorant of my own biology as well as the personal and emotional implications of sex.

Even basics like puberty and menstruation were never discussed.

A German diplomat went to the court earlier yesterday to post bail for Mr Hofer, who has been in and out of Iranian jails for the past two years.

To add insult to injury, I reached the throws of puberty ahead of everyone else.

I still don't know the word for it in Urdu, my mother tongue.

And if sex was promoted at all, then it was the type which took place strictly within marriage, and only between a man and a woman.

As Dr Mobin Akhtar points out, sexual ignorance can lead to unnecessary psychological distress.

My own sex and relationship education, in Bradford during the 1980s, was based on the principle that ignorance is better than empowerment; elders feared that any talk of sex might lead to sexual initiation.

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