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While RSVP is the reliable stalwart, OKCupid seems playful and fun, and Match.com, with its extensive algorithms for matching people up, seems legitimate, Tinder…Well, it seems more like that drunken guy slurring obscenities at a party: shallow, seedy, and best avoided.Turns out Tinder isn’t so straightforward – and nor are the women who use it.Take my good pal, a professional in her mid-20s, who used Tinder for casual hook-ups after she’d broken up with her long-term boyfriend; or the friend of a colleague, who admits to loving the novelty of having sex with someone for the first time.

And the dreaded bathroom selfie with that telltale orb of light glinting under the armpit is “a total turnoff – no matter how flat your abs are.” Guys are less picky – remember the stats?

When I do, it just makes me more of a conquest, and inevitably they want to revisit.

Strangely, I have remained good friends with quite a few of my NSA (no strings attached) guys.

The 40-something single mother, who has the body of a woman 15 years younger, and unashamedly enjoys a roll in the hay with men half her age, says: “I’ve become addicted to the excitement of first dates, and the first intimate encounter (which if not on the first date is usually the second).

I know I’m probably not going to want to take it any further after the first night together, and feel I should warn them.

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Frat-like relics from parties, like a ‘wizard staff’ – a towering pole of taped-together beer cans to show how much its holder has drunk – had one friend swiping left so hard her fingers practically got whiplash.

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