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The police came knocking on the door at about pm, but I didn’t open it — initially I thought that they weren’t looking for me.

Actually, even earlier, when Xu Zhiyong (许志永) was arrested, I’d considered this possibility. When lawyer Chang Boyang was released, he told us a lot. He said, firstly, don’t collaborate with the police; secondly, don’t go along with the kind of predatory behaviour that inmates often resort to to survive; and thirdly, if someone bullies you, ring the alarm.

I said: “I have to work, I need to survive.” YC: What kind of question is this? Now China has passed the NGO law, but there wasn’t the law at that time. They’ll suddenly burst into the room and yell: “Li Tingting, you haven’t been honest with us, you’re lying again!

Is working at an NGO illegal or scandalous in China? ” Then they’ll intimidate me, saying: “We’ve gathered such-and-such new evidence.” I thought it was quite amusing. But as they just kept doing this, I got used to it and wasn’t afraid anymore.

Li Tingting: There was a period in which every day they asked us about our organization. Just like a cops and robbers movie, like they were deliberately acting out the drama, trying to scare you. I feel that, while you are in their clutches like that, it’s like playing a game of chess with them.

When you’re locked inside, you can’t think about when they will release you.

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