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Friends, in the vast sea of people, looking for someone to listen to you, let you enjoy the fun of chatting with strangers, let you experience a completely different chat dating social new experience.

Here, you can tell, you can listen, you can pass the blessing!

I connect with people who have dreams and aspirations, live for experiences rather than those who pursue modern fetishes or whose only scope in life is to accumulate money or objects. I prefer quiet places to loud bars or crowded places.

I will want to learn what makes you tick in the pursuit of hours of stimulating mental and physical connection. Send Message Ref ID:511935b8-864d-4124-83b2-70b58fbae532 Hello I'm currently living in Changsha, Hunan china.

We also fall for those that bring a smile to our face.

Also the ones that will say all the good things to give us butterflies.

Guests, locals and passers-by are invited to see it via social media using the hashtag #MChat4Hotel Jen.

Created with the surrounding neighbourhood in mind, the hotel hopes to bring a positive sense of humour and spirit to the local community with fresh, approachable and engaging art.“Hotel Jen Hong Kong is committed to inspiring experiences and discoveries,” said David Preisig, the hotel’s general manager.

“We are dedicated to connecting travellers and the local community with the surrounding vibrant cultural landscapes of the Western District and Hong Kong,” added Preisig. Chat’s bright colours, signature grin and motifs complement the persona of the hotel as a lover of life and adventure, of travel and discovery.”“This installation is the highest painting I have ever done.

I’d like to meet ONE emancipated, independent, smart, passionate and thoughtful lover who makes me zing.

I am 5’11” and very fit and I’d like to meet a woman (30 ) who likewise takes very good care of herself physically in the pursuit not of applause but for her own physical and mental well-being. I have a wide variety of interests, never short of a topic of thought or discussion and love to engage in thoughtful debate.

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