The Essential Drug List names medications and consumables that are to be made available, as a prime responsibility of the Ministry of Health, at all health service outlets across the country at all times.These are basic requirements that need to be in place at all centers regardless of the geographical location within the archipelago.Recently we read about several hospitals and health centers running out of medical oxygen.When we were investigating the story we found out that many of the health posts and health centers that we were able to contact, also had some of the essential drugs missing.We shall not tolerate mistreatment, maltreatment, negligence, medical error, corruption, mismanagement and abuse at our health institutes! Its been several years since the list was first created and the list has not been updated for a few years now.

Not having IV fluids of the type needed in Dengue, the station doctor was unable to manage cases as best as possible.Maavaidhoo health post is left decapitated because of lack of proper health service personnel.The island recently made the news in Maldives when few of its residents protested against the health conditions on the island.One case of epilepsy was transfered because they ran out of Diazepam. We can also confirm that in moth Raa Alifushi and Rasgatheemu the health posts were until recently running on very little amount of medications.An asthmatic in Alifushi was referred to Ungoofaaru regional hospital because there was no ventolin in the island.

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We do understand that Mo H has made a renewed commitment to ensure that doctors are placed in many of these previously neglected island.

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