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Sexuality is a private thing, and it needs to stay that way, if you want her to feel comfortable with you.

Now, normally it’s assumed that if you’re in a relationship that you are a trustworthy person, and there shouldn’t be such discussions.

1) Figure out what your current beliefs are about sex.

Take out a paper and write down everything that comes to mind (at least 10 beliefs), starting the sentences with the following expression: “I believe that sex is…” 2) Identify your negative sex-beliefs.

So, now that you highlighted your negative sexual beliefs, make sure to eliminate them.

And you do that by thinking of all the situations where your beliefs proved to be wrong in the past.

The big problem is that most guys think of sex as being something dirty or something “hard to get”.

They have the belief that it’s so hard to get a girl to have sex them, and that women don’t really enjoy sex that much.

If you want a girl to be comfortable having sex with you, be it in normal circumstances or online in long distance relationships – You have to be comfortable with your sexuality first!

So unless you’re asexual or dedicated to religion, then sex is an important part of your life, and satisfying your sexual needs is probably an issue that takes a lot of time and energy in your life, especially if you’re young.

Now, besides sexuality being a physical need, it also represents an important component of a romantic relationship.

Then it means that you’re a trustworthy person and she doesn’t worry about it.

However, if she refuses to be sexual with you, then I suggest that you talk to her about it assuring her that you’re a responsible and trustworthy person.

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