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Then the idea of spontaneous togetherness seemed to spontaneously combust.Twitter blocked Meerkat’s access to its social graph and released a significantly more polished live-streaming app of its own, Periscope, within weeks.Instead they returned several times a week — and invited their friends.Houseparty spread to all 50 states and then other countries. By May, Houseparty was growing so fast that the team of about 20 people couldn’t keep up.Its creators say it encourages users to have frequent, candid conversations with their friends and family.The question Houseparty will face now that the company is ready to talk about it is that same one that dogged Meerkat: can it last?When venture capitalists would email "him" asking to meet, the company responded by sending them Daft Punk GIFs.) Soon the company dispatched employees to college campuses in Alabama, Ohio, and Arkansas.

The company quickly raised million in new funding from investors who thought it could be the next major social platform.Rubin wondered whether that might serve as the basis for Meerkat’s next act.As they had before, the company hacked together a working prototype.It would also put enormous pressure on the company’s next product to be an outsized success. It launched Houseparty on Android and i OS with no fanfare, listing the developer as "Alexander Herzick" — which happens to be the name of Sistani’s husband.They chose him as their front man because of his almost nonexistent social media profile. 2 in the App Store’s top downloads chart, the company built fake Facebook and Linked In pages for Herzick to support the illusion.

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"We don’t see the category of live media breaking out as we envisioned it last summer," Rubin told me last week at the company’s offices in San Francisco.

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