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Go to a movie without all of these elements I'm talking about, they must be a part of the fabric. I used the same premise getting through school, because I couldn't afford the clothes to wear, my dad and mom were working burlesque. So one night, I was doing an NBC special for Oldsmobile. I am always playing the 9-year-old, who's finding out that his hands do a variety of things, and his legs work funny and his back is part of this wonderful energy that he has. How could I then be the national chairman for an organization that helps children that are handicapped and in trouble? Are you saying to me that I am a comic Jim Nabors, who does a comic sound hand and then sings like Luccini? And then I show them physically what I do as a child with an imaginary mirror. LEWIS: Oh, yes, I will cut your tie some night with a scissor. It's a Save the Children Tie, and it's called "Dads." And it's children -- a child's drawing of fathers.

And I passed that moment of pain through humor and making the kids laugh. They only knew I was loud, and I -- at that point, we're in that recess mode, and they're figuring, well, he's able to go here and do what he wants now.

KING: Your great friend Sinatra had the same problem. You see the people that have a point of view, and have an opinion and have some intellect are dangerous in the film community, they're dangerous.

I'm sure that I've done things that I wasn't even aware wasn't within the integrity I was meant to live with.

And I just looked at her and I sang: (singing): No, never in spring time, summer, winter, or fall.

But you want to see a child that sits a horse that hadn't been on it two weeks before this photograph. But when you're very silly earlier, I get nervous, because maybe they made think you're crazy. But when the father says: I want you to do what I've done, because if you can get the joy that I've gotten out it, what more would I want for my child? You were telling us during the break, you walked out Neiman Marcus the other day, a lady walked in, and you sang to her. And in this mob of people, she just looked, and you know when someone knows who you are. And she did a little look like: I knew he was nuts.

LEWIS: There was one newspaper man that used the word "spastic"?

You want to know why Barbra Streisand is so difficult? She's a brilliant entertainer, she's a brilliant lady, and she's a wonderful human being, and the community doesn't like it. We'll ask how well it's done and how close we are to a cure for muscular dystrophy. It didn't feel like anything that I had ever remembered being anything near, and I'm told now that meningitis is a devastating sneaky kind of a thing that can happen to anybody anywhere, has nothing to do with geography, has nothing to do with your health, as it were. LEWIS: Oh, no, it had nothing to do with being in Australia. LEWIS: I don't know, Larry, honestly, how many I did, I can't remember. LEWIS: I rested after hour one, I rested after hour three, I rested after hour six for eight hours. LEWIS: The treatment is primarily getting your meninges back in place, and they have to be -- that's with drugs, and they have to be careful about how they deal with you, because there's one drug that will elevate the blood pressure, and then you're in stroke country. LEWIS: No, they are not connected, and they know that it is a separate. They must be clear that there's nothing else there. So I'm getting shots for the nausea while getting shots for dizziness, getting shots for the double vision. KING: What are you thinking it is, by the way, in the middle of your panic? LEWIS: I thought it was having a stroke, I wasn't sure. KING: Now the touch and go part -- you weren't able to appear the full 24 hours, were you? You couldn't do the complete telethon you used to do. I had 12 days in the hospital where the nausea a was so bad I wanted to die. But when she laughs, I have finally gotten the commendation and the pride and the total satisfaction of my whole career, when she laughs at something I do. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LEWIS: You know that we are going to do a show for you now: 20 hours, coast-to-coast? They have laughed at my nonsense, and some have not. (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, 1978) RAY CHARLES, MUSICIAN (singing): Take me on home!

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KING: And you were in Australia when this happened, right?

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