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Here in lies the questions that begin privately with the sex addict, “What got me here to this place in my life?” “I want to stop, but I can’t stop.” “I do the very thing I do not want to do.” Dr.Preoccupation—this is the trance or mood that the addicts’ mind is completely engrossed with……thoughts of sex.Mentally it is a state that creates an obsessive search for sexual satisfaction/stimulation. Ritualization—in this step the preoccupation in step one intensifies which causes arousal and excitement. Compulsive sexual behavior—in this step the sex addict is unable to stop or even control their behavior of their end goal…..sexually acting out. Despair—with this step the addict now advances into the feelings of hopelessness which they have about their acting out behavior and their powerlessness over their sexual acting out.

The addict connects with the lust/drug rather than people or God.This appearance of integrity further insulates the addict’s world from reality.The blame dynamic provides further justification for the addict’s behavior.” (Carnes, P., Out of the Shadows) Patrick Carnes, the pioneer researcher of sexual addiction has defined below the cycle of sexual addiction which sex addict’s experience: THE ADDICTION CYCLE For sexual addicts an addictive experience progresses through a four-step cycle that intensifies with repetition: 1.Addiction can also include voyeurism, and exhibitionism.Visiting porn stores, strip clubs, topless bars, lap dances and cruising is also addictive. As Patrick Carnes says in his research, “If you knew who I really was you would not love me nor would you like me.” Sex addicts – like most other addicts – believe their lies and rationalizations, a trait referred to as sincere delusion.

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