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In his hands were both of her big tits, and he was pinching those thick erect nipples that I so loved sucking on.

Finally Mark began to shoot his sperm deep within her asshole. Mark's door was closed and I walked into our bedroom, then into the bathroom. I kept sucking her cunt and soon she was staring to cum. Oh fuck, eat me baby, suck all the cum out of my whore cunt! Mark had gotten in front of her and was beginning to pump his cock into her throat.

She seemed very receptive to this fantasy and she went wild during that session. She screamed out in orgasmic delight as Mark's cum blasted into her slut cunt. I watched as he slowly began to enter her, stretching her tight asshole out with his big cock.

One day, about two months after our boarders arrival, I came home early one Friday afternoon. Finally, the head of his dick pressed inside of her.

I knelt at her head and fed her my seven inches as Mark went to work licking her hot wet cunt. Afterwards, he rolled off of her and Carrol asked me "Ronny baby, will you eat me out now? " I couldn't deny her and I crawled between her legs and started licking her sloppy cunt.

"Not only is it clear that this video is a public record.

MATURE CONTENT: This real sex stories page is attended for adults only. "Oh shit, I can feel your hot cum blasting up my ass! The rest of their combined cum, along with the orgasm she was now having, drained into my mouth as I sucked her. We kept on fucking for about an hour and then Mark moved under her and began to enter her cunt.

If you are under the age of 18 please exit page IMMEDIATELY! I could feel his cock move into her pussy, only a thin layer of skin separating our cocks. About twenty minutes later, we both burst into her at the same time.

I was going to surprise Carol and take her out for the weekend. Not finding anyone downstairs, I started walking upstairs to find Carrol. " Then I heard Mark in a husky voice "Carrol, you're the best fuck I've ever had. " I quietly went to the bedroom door and peeked through the partially opened door. My view was unimpeded and I could see his huge cock gliding in and out of her hot pussy, glistening with their juices. She gasped and moved backwards to feel more of him in her.

The I heard her saying "Oh yes Mark, that feels so good! Carrol continued moaning out her passion with Mark rapidly fucking her.

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