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While many woes are caused by the proliferation of fake bot accounts on apps like Tinder, the right bots can take your love life to the next level.Without further ado, TOPBOTS is excited to present our “Top 5 Bots To Get You Laid”: Online dating is a chore.Just as we've developed snack foods that appeal to us more than real food, perhaps we'll see robots that appeal to us more than real people. Although the singer has gotten flak for saying she doesn't need a man to have a baby, the fact is that new reproductive technologies make that largely true.As weredefine "sex" away from reproduction, perhaps robosexuality will just be seen as another preference. By the time robot prostitutes are a going concern, it's likely that men won't need women to have babies, either.One lazy (or clever, depending on your perspective) OKCupid dater, Schuyler Hunt, hooked a profile up to Cleverbot to automate his messaging and tracked his results on a Tumblr called “Girls Who Date Computers”. Some of Hunt’s conversations are indistinguishable from organic exchanges between two humans.In others, Cleverbot claims Hunt has no friends, tells a girl to go to rehab, and repeatedly threatens to break up.

Among various criticisms of the trend is that human-robot sex will depress fertility rates even more than they already are.“The name Bubby comes from what I call my grandmother, my babushka,” explains Stefanie Volftsun, CEO of Bubby. She gets to know you and gets what you want.”“People are spending 10 hours a week in their dating apps,” says Volftsun.“There’s a whole funnel of online dating that is wasted time.Entrepreneur Bradley Charvet hopes to open London’s first ‘fellatio cafe’ offering oral sex to men drinking their morning coffee.Charvet came under fire earlier this year when his business venture for London’s first oral sex cafe was deemed illegal.

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