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he notes that the video games he observed “stir up tension and a feeling of fear,” and that “this could have an effect on the autonomic nerves.” mori's advice is: “during childhood, playing outside with friends, not videogames, is the best option.” the study will be presented here in the u.s. i'm a psychology geek, too (my ba is psychology/divinities, a double major), so i sort of observe them any chance i get.

in the fall at a meeting of the society for neuroscience. i must say, this report doesn't worry me too much.

normal subjects, who rarely played video games, were found to have much stronger beta waves than alpha waves.

little change was seen while these subjects did play video games.

i can't think of a single successful game in the past many years, though, that didn't require a pretty decent level of thought.sadly, the above quote is about the most accurate description of me i've ever read. if you want to argue with me you could email me at [email protected], but surely you aint that dumb. it would seem that the study only used games requiring hand/eye coordination, and nothing like a puzzle or strategy game.– by pond scumthe problem with these kinds of studies are – they use two different set's of people for the study. also, it would look like they proably used a 3rd party shooter given they claimed the games induced fear.geek gamers, geek parents, and geek armchair psychologists–what do you think? not 1 place in the brain is anymore important than any other.and the entire brain itself consists of one emotional being.

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