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Most psychologists who understand the attraction of sharing intimate videos and photos safely would find this process nearly harmless, as long as safety precautions are taken.

The reason there has been explosive growth in the sharing of intimate photos and videos by electronic means, is that it feels like there is a barrier of the technology that can be thought of as a “glass wall,” which separates the people participating in such intimate sharing.

Videos made and recorded in any chat room are permanent.It is very simple to understand this, if a person gets to see a video image on their computer screen, they can very easily record it. All explicit online video chats can be recorded and disseminated to the public so EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can see it.An online video chat room is viewable by more than just the participants involved in the chat.This perpetrator was doing exactly the same thing with many other young girls. One of the techniques used to attack UK men is to find married men, who are closeted (being secret) about enjoying gay sex.A gang pretends to be a handsome young man interested in the targeted man.

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The stalkers hide using software or services that mask their IP address (computer location) and use various aliases to disguise who they really are and at the same time are very clever in finding out information about a targeted person and the location of the real people they are chatting with using video chat services.

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