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While he wouldn’t entertain Christopher in his bedroom, he wished to neutralize his mother to be safe. Don’t get excited.” After more pleas to Dewey not to disgrace the Langtree family name, Margene dismissed him. Suddenly, his sad and sordid world seemed alive with possibility, with the knowledge this gorgeous man would surrender to him as he pleased and flattered it.

No, that asshole kid down the road was right: they were bitch tits. Whenever Margene needed another wine cooler or wanted to empty the ashtray, she wailed for her son, Dewey, to leave his computer and assist her. “I been calling your name since the commercial.” On the big-screen television, a perky blonde with dazzling teeth cooed about the efficacy of scented douche.Dewey, however, was too dazzled by his guest to move an inch.Of course, he’d gazed obsessively at Christopher’s array of photos on the hook-up website, especially the one of his long, smooth body utterly nude, the image cut off at his neck.

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