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Though further research needs to probe whether these negotiations and modifications lead to acquisition in the longer term, they would be particularly valuable for distance learners who need opportunities to negotiate within authentic target language contexts.

It is essential that distance language courses provide learners with opportunities for oral interaction since it is within this context that negotiation of meaning and interlanguage development are most likely to occur.

She described structures and patterns which were peculiar to interlanguage produced in a CMC context, even though they were based on conversational strategies.

In particular, many would-be distance language learners do not perceive how they can learn to speak the language.) in chat sessions were overall structure of interaction and sequence organisation, turn-taking organisation (especially openings and closings), turn design, expression of paralinguistic features and some pragmatic variables.Her results showed that sequencing and timing were dealt with very differently in the chat sessions compared with conversational settings.He also ascertains the importance of task design in eliciting negotiations, with jigsaw type tasks containing the greatest number of negotiations.Iwasaki and Oliver (2003) found that implicit negative feedback, with subsequent modification of linguistic production, was a feature of chat interactions of NNS (nonnative speakers) of Japanese interacting with NS partners.

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The research specifically explores (a) whether live chat with native speakers offers opportunities for negotiation of meaning in open ended tasks carried out in single session interactions with unfamiliar NS without teacher supervision, (b) the principal triggers for negotiation and modification of interlanguage in these interactions, (c) whether public NS chat rooms are likely to offer an optimal environment for SLA, even for learners studying at a distance who need to chat without supervision.

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