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Eleven people were on the stage, which more than quintuples the number of members the band started with, so that they could achieve the full sound of the album.

“We wanted everything..string quartet, the trumpet player, everything,” says Eden.

The sisters began playing as a duo with Shay-Li (then aged 16) on guitar and Eden (then 15) on cello.

Their gorgeous and complementary voices intertwine through the songs on their first record.

Students would gather after school and bring their instruments to play pop rock music together.Seeking to reassure those who are partial to the sound of the Djamchids in their purest form, Shay-Li says, “It’s still the essence of us....Whatever you put on it, it helps, but it’s still more natural to be just the two of us.”When they play, the connection between them is not only natural but seamless.” You probably believe that you are somebody, but that somebody is the ego.Ego and the Self () – Ram Dass explores the concept of the self and the ego.

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