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The next twenty minutes were the most embarrassing of my life, as I had to answer the most personnel questions.He made me admit that I had dressed sexily to deliberately flaunt myself at him.When it was over I thanked his dad and promised to be a good girl, but his dad said, as the young lady likes an audience, I'll see what I can do to find one.The next time we visited Kevin's parents I nearly died of shame.I even put my best high-heeled shoes on, then after slipping on my dressing gown I made my way downstairs.I went downstairs expecting to find Kevin waiting, but he had really gone.It may surprise you to learn that my husband is not in charge of my discipline; but my father-in-law, and it is usually carried out in the presence of most of my husband's family.

I couldn't believe that he meant what he said, but afterwards, I constantly thought about his father putting me over his lap, pulling down my knickers and spanking me, until one day when Kevin said it, I blurted out, you wouldn't dare!My mouth was so dry I couldn't speak when he told me to take off the dressing gown, I just stood there and removed it.Why I didn't just tell him to leave me alone, I don't know.A few weeks later Kevin and I had a silly argument that ended with me storming off to the bathroom.Kevin told me that if I did not come out in exactly one minute, he would phone his dad and tell him to come round and give me what I deserved.

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These were given mainly over my knickers, but sometimes I was spanked on my bare bum.

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