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The doctor gives his mobile number and says to call whenever if I have any further questions.I got a [good] root canal, stint and filling (composite, not the cheap, toxic silver amalgam kind they love so much in the US) done for a grand total of US.I’m actually afraid that I’ve become a bit complacent.(Footnote: This umbrella of safety doesn’t appear to extend to open gays and lesbians, particularly ones participating in demonstrations or pride parades.It keeps me in shape while not compelling me to spend half a day walking all over creation.

I’ll be back in a few months, but am seriously reconsidering my previous inertia toward longer-term residence. There’s some novel personal reasons that enter into the deliberation lately, including a very short-lived and spectacularly failed marriage here, but I’m not letting a bad marriage ruin Armenia for me, and I’m not here to talk about that.

I’ve been through the entire cycle of euphoria, disenchantment, and realignment with regard to living here. I feel that my spirits are calm, and while I don’t speak from a position of very wide experience, I think I can say some things in a fairly level-headed way, without being unduly swayed by either a sour winter mood on the one hand, or the sunny rush of novelty on the other.

I came in early summer 2012 for the first time and loved it. I haven’t seen everything there is to see, but I think I’ve seen enough to have some credibility. – Density and compactness: Yerevan has the rather appealing quality of being large enough to be interesting, but small enough to be manageable and easy to get around. From an Atlantan’s point of view, everything here is very easy.

With the exception of particularly orderly Germanic capitals, in most places I’ve been to, you need to watch your ass. If you walk into the wrong bar, you could find yourself in quite a fix (don’t laugh, I got robbed in Buenos Aires this way).

Most likely, nothing will happen to you on any given day, but you still learn the unconscious reflexes of looking over your shoulder and being aware of your surroundings. Get into the wrong taxi, you could find yourself at an ATM, cleaning out your checking account at gunpoint.

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I wanted to share some more general parting thoughts and observations.

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