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"But at the very least couldn't you have told me that you and Adrien finally figured it out? Do you have any idea how annoying it was to watch you two idiots tap dance around each other? Chat Noir reluctantly pulls away after pressing one last kiss to Ladybug's lips. But she exercises self-restraint (sorta) and stays in the bedroom, staring down Ladybug. "Tikki, release transformation."It's kind of cool, watching Marinette fade into Ladybug's place.

A little red sprite smiles shyly at Alya and waves, then settles herself on Marinette's shoulder. A spirit of the Miraculous that gives me my power," Marinette answers.

Occasionally Tikki chimes in, but the kwami is largely silent."So," Marinette says after all Ladybug and Chat Noir questions have been asked, "why were you over here at five in the morning anyway? "You need to check out the Ladyblog."Marinette groans, but complies.I didn't want someone to use the fact that you're my friend against you. It was hard enough the first time.""Hawk Moth was…he was the kind of person who didn't have any sort of reservation when it came to finding the Miraculous.He preyed upon people's anger," Chat Noir explains."He got you when Chloe had you unfairly suspended from school.If you knew our identities and you became an akuma again, he'd be able to come after us, our families, or our friends, directly.

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