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The Moment of Truth, a new reality TV show on Fox, offers up to 0,000 to contestants willing to bare their most private truths, typically in front of their closest friends or family members.

The program proves that some people are willing to risk damage or complete ruin of friendships, and even marriage, for money. Though he can't speak for all confessors, Fox notes that he's gotten more than a handful of emails from people who have confessed to suicidal feelings on his web site and, afterward, report a new interest in living.

The Daily Caller, a conservative website, originally published the video with two women claiming they had sex with Menendez for money.

In an article published Tuesday, the Daily Caller said Santana was not one of the two women who were featured in the video, though Santana asserted in the notarized court document she was one of the women.

For starters, what do public confessions of private affairs say about people willing to bare their souls to strangers?

Others, it seems, are just looking for some extra cash, potentially at a great cost."But they were never anything other than false smears." Questions revolve around his relationship with Salomon Melgen, the Florida man who owned a plane Menendez admits having flown three times -- once on official Senate business, and twice for personal reasons -- to the Dominican Republic in 2010.On Tuesday, Menendez answered questions about intervening on issues on Melgen's behalf by saying, "we raise questions all the time for a wide range of universe on public policy issues and we think that those are all legitimate."The same law enforcement source said federal agents had gone to the Dominican Republic in hopes of finding the women who claimed to have had sex with Menendez, but that the women had not yet been located.And today, real people -- not actors -- are confessing their deep, dark secrets to anyone who wants to listen.Along with this emerging trend of public confessions come a few questions.

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What's more, the success of the show tells us there are plenty of viewers eager to watch strangers' sad sagas unfold. Others remain unconvinced of the benefits of public or anonymous confessions.

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