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The only thing missing is privacy -- nearly everyone is stuck with a roommate.So while Lakatos claimed a first-floor suite for himself, the remaining rooms were there for the taking."Unlike at a bar, it's not awkward to strike up a conversation because you have something in common," Solo says. ' All of a sudden, you're fist-bumping." BMXer Jill Kintner, who won bronze in Beijing, says the Italians are particularly inviting: "They leave their doors open, so you look in and see dudes in thongs running circles around each other."On the way to practice fields, "the girls are in skimpy panties and bras, the dudes in underwear, so you see what everybody is working with from the jump," says Breaux Greer, an American javelin thrower."Even if their face is a 7, their body is a 20." In Beijing, even the adolescent female gymnasts got sassy with the water polo and judo boys who shared their training room."It's like the first day of college," says water polo captain Tony Azevedo, a veteran of Beijing, Athens and Sydney who is returning to London. Everyone's meeting people and trying to hook up with someone."Which is perfectly understandable, if not to be expected.Olympians are young, supremely healthy people who've been training with the intensity of combat troops for years."That's where most of my socialization took place -- in a tub, up to my chest in ice water," says silver medalist Alicia Sacramone, then 20, who served as den mother to her teammates."The younger girls would try to flirt with stuff like, 'Look at that butt on him!

"We'd graze over our food for hours watching all the eye candy, wondering why I got married."From one end of the village to the other, flags hang from windows and music blares from balconies.After a while, it dawned on Lakatos: "I'm running a friggin' brothel in the Olympic Village!I've never witnessed so much debauchery in my entire life."TAKE YOUR MARK Home to more than 10,000 athletes at the Summer Games and 2,700 at the Winter, the Olympic Village is one of the world's most exclusive clubs.' I'm like, 'Excuse me, did that just come out of your mouth? '" Quickly the reality sinks in that the village is "just a magical, fairy-tale place, like Alice in Wonderland, where everything is possible," says Carrie Sheinberg, an alpine skier at the '94 Winter Games and a reporter for subsequent Olympics."You could win a gold medal and you can sleep with a really hot guy."And no matter your taste, the village has got you covered. "All hot, and they dress like rock stars," one male swimmer says. "They are like lovable little Ewoks," Kintner says.

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