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Savvy tech person that I am, I discovered this with my first Chatroulette victim.I was blasting Ginuine’s “My Pony” during the first few minutes of our conversation, and when the final chorus faded out I could hear the gentle typing of my new teenage friend all the way in Chile.The bottom video is of you, the top video is of the “stranger.” You can talk by typing on the right side of the screen.If you find your “stranger” boring, inappropriate, naked, or just don’t like the cut of his gib, you simply click the button marked “next” and move to the next available user(s).If you're unfamiliar with the Chatroulette concept, the video below is certainly an entertaining introduction.Be warned there's some NSFW language in there, although thankfully any truly offensive visuals were left out.Last Friday night, I found myself looking into the faces of three boys, all about 13 years old, at the top left of my computer screen.Shut away in a small, dim room somewhere in Los Angeles, they crowded together, staring expectantly at their monitor.

“To meet who is out there,” he explained sincerely, “to find others.” Most of the “strangers" I met asked me my age and where I was from, but only one or two of these guys asked my name, revealing a major part Chatroulette's appeal: anonymity.Launched last November, the site lets participants communicate with strangers around the world using their webcams.The roulette part works like this: a curious or wayward individual (you) presses the "new game" button, bringing the two screens on your left to life.There’s no login, there’s no registration, and that’s fundamentally different from Facebook and Twitter, where your real persona is tied back to you,” said Sarita Yardi, a doctoral candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology who studies the role of technology in teenagers’ lives.Sure, message boards and chat rooms have long provided venues for anonymous mockery or derision, but Chatroulette allows participants to do so via video!

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