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Local sexual assault services providers were well equipped to handle support services, but the lack of a national hotline meant the issue did not receive as much attention as it should.In response, RAINN developed a unique national hotline system to combine all the advantages of a national organization with all the abilities and expertise of local programs.Everyone I talk to about the polyamorous lifestyle, whether anonymously on Fet Life or over coffee, describes Victoria as an ideal place for alternative relationships.The casual shrug attending the oft-heard “It’s the West Coast,” says it all. “There is a broad kink community, and it seems that kink and poly are linked pretty closely.

Sometimes you need in-person help in your local area.

In this case, the number will be confidential and will be given directly to the organization’s staff member for a callback.

If you reach an answering service, you can try calling back after some time has passed, or you can choose to call during regular business hours when more staff members are available.

“The fact that I love them both was an amazing aphrodisiac ...

it was better than I had ever hoped for.” Far from the stereotype of the college student exploring her sexuality, Isabel, at 51, is a self-described “late bloomer,” who has recently embraced polyamory.

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